An Alleged Mob Scandal 

A contractor involved in an alleged mob scandal with the Gambino crime family worked on several major projects. The Department of Justice accused three men associated with a subcontractor, carpentry company CWC Contracting, of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and kickbacks. In return, the department alleged, the bribed employees would pad CWC’s bottom line by awarding contracts and approving change orders. Except for the alleged mob figures, the feds did not name many names in their 56-page indictment other than John Simonlacaj, a former development executive at HFZ Capital Group. Even though CWC worked on some major projects with various developers it likely flew under the radar of the developers because CWC was apparently a subcontractor on these projects. HFZ said in a statement to The Real Deal that it learned about the investigation into CWC several months ago and removed CWC from its projects including firing Simonlacaj.

Renderings of 1010 Park Avenue and The XI at 76 11th Avenue (Credit: CWC, HFZ Capital)

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