Drones To Save Thousands

A 71yr old law prohibits the flying of drones in NYC. Take-off and landing of “aircraft” are to be in certain locations, such as airports. Of course, they were thinking of drones in 1948 - LOL. Anyway, as most can agree, we need to change the law. One way drones could benefit the real estate industry is reducing the cost of inspections. New York building owners are required to conduct façade inspections every five years, which typically requires scaffolding to be erected around an entire building. Drones equipped with cameras could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in such costs, as well as months of time. Still, some engineers are skeptical, noting that visual inspection is not often sufficient to detect structural issues. At the very least I do see the drones being of benefit to inspect and market buildings. 

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Original Author: By E.B. Solomont

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