New York's Reopening

“Let’s start to put some meat on the bones,” said Governor Cuomo yesterday in his press conference, referring to a reopening plan. The CDC recommends the state and regional hospitalization rate be in decline for 14 days before any action is taken Cuomo acknowledged. The first phase brings back construction and manufacturing, while the second phase starts to reintroduce a wider net of businesses based on their risk and how essential they are. The plan will pay special attention to “summer activities” like beaches, and the governor also talked about bringing back sports without audiences. Cuomo knows we can't just cut a ribbon and immediately go back to how things were. This means phase 1 will be carefully implemented only to be analyzed after a minimum of 2 weeks to see if hospitalization rates have gone down. As of right now, NY is on pause until 5/15. NYC will be mostly behind vs the rest of the state along with businesses that encourage large gatherings and tourists. "Businesses will be opened on a case-by-case basis, depending on how essential their services are, what their employees’ risks are, and what new protocols (i.e. cleaning, social distancing) have been implemented." 

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