Quarantine Rebels Can Be Sued

Lawyers are saying that condos and coops can sue their neighbors who aren't practicing quarantine and social distancing. We all know NY has barred public and private gatherings and ordered everyone except those working in essential businesses to mostly stay home. Health officials advise anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or who’s been exposed to someone who’s tested positive for coronavirus to self-quarantine for 14 days. “The last thing anyone wants is litigation,” said Steven Sladkus, who runs the firm’s litigation group (Schwartz Sladkus). “But in this particular context, if people’s health, safety, and welfare are potentially being jeopardized, that seems good enough reason.”I’m really not trying to promote litigation or egg things on, but I want to let people know that there’s a way to deal with this hopefully,” he added. Allowing non-essential workers and even personal trainers can put an entire building at risk. But he noted that buildings may want to send residents or tenants a notice that if they violate a quarantine or another part of the building’s coronavirus protocol, they could be on the hook for all costs that the co-op, condo or landlord incurs to deal with them.

Leni Morrison Cummins, an attorney at Cozen O’Connor, which represents roughly 75 condo and co-op boards, also questioned taking the drastic measure of filing a lawsuit. She recommended that boards able to penalize owners or shareholders impose “hefty fines” up to $1,000 for those who violate building coronavirus policies.“I find that financial ramifications do curtail most bad behavior,” she said, though she acknowledged that for an “ongoing threat” to residents’ health and safety she would consider emergency action via the courts.

So here's my take on this ----- Obviously the instructions surrounding quarantine and social distancing measures are quite serious. I think a building should have its own policy around what constitutes a breach and a fine for such. Its a matter of time friends. I can't wait for New York to have its energy back and the world returning to its normal state. Hopefully, this will bring us closer while have given Mother Nature a boost of fresh air.

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