Slumlord Punished

219-223 West 24th Street (Credit: StreetEasy)

Abraham Lokshin and Clara Sokol are the owners of entities tied to 219-223 West 24th Street, three SRO buildings dating as far back as 1840. The landlords haven't maintained the properties causing numerous issues which ultimately led to the DOB declaring 48 units unsafe (think damaged facade, leaking roof, sagging floors, and crumbling joists). The landlord's strategy was to obtain a vacant building, free of stabilized tenants in order to develop the site into something lucrative. They were ordered to pay each tenant $21,000 in damages and $2,000 for their harassment claims. The buildings must be repaired while tenants temporarily vacate. Estimates to fix the buildings range from $900,000 to $7.8 million.

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