The Second Phase of 2nd Avenue Subway

The largest capital plan ever was just released by the MTA with a proposed investment of $51.5 billion in the city’s transit system. The 2020-2024 capital plan, which requires board approval, would invest a whopping $40 billion in subway and buses alone, and includes fully funding the long-awaited second phase of the Second Avenue Subway. Three new subway stations would be built with the Q train extending to East Harlem. This would be big news for real estate values. It would also make all the stations ADA compliant. Only less than 24% of all stations are ADA complaint currently. Additionally, the plan would bring 2,400 new buses and replace the old ones with new electric, hybrid, and compressed natural gas buses. MTA will need $500M in federal funding. Trump tweeted his support... We'll see how that one goes.

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