What is Holt's New York!?

Well hello there. Thanks for checking out my real estate blog. Holt's New York is a corky informative site where you can come to learn real estate, search apartments, read trending news, and possibly even laugh. All content is written or chosen by me, yours truly, Michael Holt.


A home run hitting, animal loving, real estate dealing, art painting (wanna be), longboard riding, thinks he's funny (he's really not) kind of guy.


Catching you up on the top 5 real estate articles trending in New York City. Handpicked by yours truly, links to original content.


Browse apartments, search open houses, set custom alerts, and more!


Find out what you need to know about buying and selling real estate.


A more intimate experience from real estate topics to whatever else I feel like talking about (that's right) including video content. 

A Minute With Michael

Questions about real estate? The buying or selling process? New Developments? How to negotiate more money? Check out A Minute With Michael, a corky informative series based in New York City that will answer any real estate question under a minute (or two 😜)

The Holt Team

After having years of success as an independent real estate agent in New York City, I founded The Holt Team in 2019. 

Three words define how The Holt Team approaches its clients: diligently, empathetically, and candidly. A team of agents with a relentless work ethic and firm dedication, we define our successes not just by financial benchmarks, but by the strength of the relationships we build.

The Holt Team specializes in both sales and rentals with expertise in property valuation, staging, custom marketing campaigns, deal-making strategies, and strong relationships that have proven invaluable to both buyers and sellers.

View the official website for The Holt Team by clicking here

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Elite Realty

Start Your Journey

In addition to being an associate real estate broker in New York, Michael co-founded a full-service real estate brokerage named Elite Realty in 2018 with his Aunt Nancy Vandeven. Elite Realty is proud to have experienced agents consistently ranking highest in customer satisfaction specializing in the Sarasota, Tampa, and Ocala, Florida markets. Browse listings, ask questions and obtain a free home evaluation.